What is DaGeDar™?
DaGeDar™ is the latest brand sensation from the creator of Kung Zhu battle hamsters. DaGeDar™ is simultaneously a racing game, a collectible, and a gang of unpredictable creatures woven into an action-packed adventure!


What is Dimension 33?
Dimension 33 is the realm of the DaGeDar™. Read more in our Story!


Is DaGeDar.com a safe place for my child?
Yes, DaGeDar.com is totally safe and secure. A completely closed site, there is no peer-to-peer interaction. Your child will only be able to interact with the DaGeDar. The site was designed by following all the guidelines set forth by COPPA. So, you can rest assured that while your child is exploring DaGeDar.com, they won’t discover anything that they shouldn’t.


I have a DaGeDar™ ball bearing. How do I unlock it online?
Your ball bearing will show a five-digit numerical code - enter this code into the entry field on the home page to unlock your DaGeDar's Spirit Within!


I invented a game for DaGeDar™. How can I submit a suggestion to the Gameplay section?
You cannot upload a video directly to DaGeDar.com. However, with your valid YouTube account, you can upload your own videos showcasing your own "house rules!" If we dig your vid, your style might show up in our Gameplay blog!


How do I buy product from the website?
Unfortunately, you can't buy DaGeDar™ toy products and accessories on DaGeDar.com! However you can visit our Where to Buy page to find links to our retailers' online stores. Cepia LLC does not endorse third-party reselling that may result in price gouging.


Where can I watch DaGeDar™ videos?
You can watch all the latest DaGeDar-related videos in our Media gallery or on our YouTube channel.


How is my email used when I sign up for the newsletter?
Your email is used by Cepia LLC to send you exclusive sneak peaks, news and updates about DaGeDar™. We never sell or share your information to third-parties.


How do I report an issue with DaGeDar.com?
Please email our web technical support team at support@cepiallc.com if you have a question of problem with the website. Be sure to let us know what internet browser you are using when experiencing your problem (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6) so that we can help trouble-shoot your problem.


How do I report an issue with a DaGeDar™ toy product?
Please email our product customer service center at support@cepiallc.com. You can also find more information about product safety as well as download instruction sheets from our Product Information and Safety section.